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[PICS} from Super Fresh Culture Fest 3, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

photos courtesy of Growyourflow.com


STEDDY P live at MOTM Fest [video]

First 3 songs from STEDDY Ps Middle of the Map set at the Lowercase KANSAS stage.



Steddy P Live @ MOTM Fest, KCMO [photos]


@ Riot Room Patio, Middle of the Map, in Kansas City, MO on 4/5/14
Photos by Kevin Champ


STEDDY P & DJ MAHF - Gonzo [music video] 

Buy the song on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/breakfast-with-doctor-gonzo/id704871986

Buy the song on Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/Breakfast-Doctor-Gonzo-Explicit-Steddy/dp/B00F4VLSO2

Shot n chopped by P.

Additional shots by Manny Hinkson

Song produced by Cutler Jones

Recorded by Tim Hanson at Heezer’s Palace Studios

Mixed and mastered by Matthew Sawicki at Suburban Pro Studios

Pocket Full of Loud   #IGELOUDtour

Pocket Full of Loud Tour coming.

Breakfast with Doctor Gonzo on iTunes!!


full announcement and show details coming soon, this is all the info I can release right now, the guests I have lined up are super dope and are both from KC and will accompany Mahf and eye on select dates near the end of the tour, looking forward to this one! #IGE4L

SOPHISTICATED IGNORANCE - Music Video by Steven A. Soria

Buy “Breakfast with Doctor Gonzo” on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/breakfast-with-doctor-gonzo/id704871986

Buy “Breakfast with Doctor Gonzo” on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Breakfast-with-Doctor-Gonzo-Explicit/dp/B00F4VLSO2

directed by Steven A. Soria

art directed by Jim Mahfood

song produced by Info Gates

(Source: youtube.com)


The 2013 Finale: 100 Unforgettable Songs That We Loved — Recapping our staff picks for their favorites of the year.


never went to LA until we played there, that was 08 with Mahf. never went to Canada until we was performing, same tonight with NY, my first time here. our music is the vehicle. our performance is the energy, the road the religion. shit is crazy, or maybe it’s the hash I’m smoking. Indyground is active and the Gonzo is spreading coast to coast. shouts to everyone riding with us since day 1.

thank you. 

Breakfast with Doctor Gonzo by Steddy P & Dj Mahf on iTunes!!!

(Source: indyground)

Amazon.com: Breakfast with Doctor Gonzo [Explicit]: Steddy P & DJ Mahf: MP3 Downloads

(Source: indyground)

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